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How does one say 'could'/'would'/'should' alone in Latin?

I know about Conditionals, but those are for two clauses (e.g. si faceret, beatus essem). So how would I say them alone in sentences like:

  • I would/could/should do it
May 23, 2017

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Use possum plus the infinitive for can / could.

  • Potesne mihi videre? - Could / can you see me?

You have to take tense into account in Latin, unlike in English where 'I could do it' can refer to either the past or future.

For should / ought to you need to use debeo plus the infinitive.

There is no directly translatable word for would. It's formed using the subjunctive, and that's far too dense a topic to go into while typing on my phone. :)

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