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  5. "Ihr seid schön."

"Ihr seid schön."

Translation:You are beautiful.

May 23, 2017



issue still occuring... any way to fix it? Incorrect translation. Should it not mean "You are beautiful" not "you are all beautiful" How did the 'all' get there. or is my computer just stuffed up... anyways, hope this can accept multiple answers soon... thx


Why is the translation "You all are beautiful" instead of just "You are beautiful"? Shouldn't the sentence have "alle" somewhere for it to be you all?


It's just slightly tricky to translate ihr into English exactly. You are correct in that, most of the time, you would just translate it as "you" and lose the extra meaning that it's referring to multiple people. However, there are situations where you would possibly want to emphasise the 'multiple people' nature of the phrase in English - for example, you wish it to be understood that you are talking to the group as a whole, not just one person you happen to make eye contact with. In this situation, because English doesn't have the du/ihr distinction, you'd need to add in "all". This is not modifying the meaning or emphasis from the original German sentence, and so it is a perfectly good translation. Of course, the sentence should also be accepted without "all".


Y'all/youse is probably the most accurate translation


But it isn't accepted without "all".


It should be. Just report it next time.


yeah pretty certain the german would be 'ihr seid alle schön' to translate it as you all are beautiful. :x


Not entirely. Ihr is you (plural). It is similar to yous in English although this isnt used in standard English


"You are all beautiful" should also be accepted


What's wrong wirh 'Du bist schon'?


That means "you are already".

schon is not the same as schön -- the dots aren't just there for decoration.

(lhal would be like wriling lhe leller l wilhoul lhe "decoralive" crossbar....)


I entered, "You're beautiful" and it marked correct. First time using an apostrophe in duolingo.


First time using an apostrophe in duolingo.

Note: apostrophes with nouns are usually not accepted (e.g. "Tom'll go there tomorrow / the people've told him / the boss's ready").

Apostrophes with pronouns ("you're, we've, he's" etc.) will more often be accepted.


"You are beautiful" is a perfectly fine translation. And "you all" is not necessarily correct. With context I could be referring to only a subset of the people in a room, for example.


I cant print an umlaut from my phone


Try long-pressing the a o u s keys.


I think "ihr" is similar to "aap" in Hindi


I think "ihr" is similar to "aap" in Hindi

I think aap is like Sie and ihr is more like tum (log).


The other day, I was watching dark on Netflix and I realised something way different with schön. The protagonist tells a woman 'Schön bist du!' and that's exactly opposite to what it's supposed to be right!? I don't get it at all. Totally confused

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