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Changing endings in German. Someone please help!


I'm still very confused about all the different variations to the ends of some of the words in German. I understand that they change depending on singular, plural, possessive etc, but I still can't predict which ones I need to use and with those that I do get correct, I'm uncertain why it's such an such en ending and not another.

For example, Dein Deiner?

or einer and einem or einen?

or seid or seit?

I'm sure there's more words like this. Is there some kind of rule or mnemonic I use to keep all of this straight in my head and end the confusion?

Also, also what's the difference between dein and euer and when do you use them?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

May 23, 2017



The second question is easy:

"seid" is a conjugation of "sein" (to be).

  • Ich bin (I am)
  • Du bist (You are)
  • Er/Sie/Es ist (He/She/It is)
  • Wir sind (We are)
  • Ihr seid (You are)
  • Sie sind (They are)

Here is the problem: In English you do not differ between "Du/Wir/Ihr/Sie", but in German we do.

"Seit" has a temporal function and means "since".

And for foreigners difficult is, that many germans erroneously write "seit" instead of "seid" and vice versa. It is one of the most common spelling mistakes in German written texts.

Example: "Ihr seit gestern gekommen." is completely wrong, but search for "Ihr seit" and you will find it very often.


Thank you so much, InuzukaShino! Your answer has helped me a lot!


As you know German has cases and the endings change depending on the case, the number and the gender. There are tables and you could write them down and use them until you memorize them. The endings apply to adjectives and articles. When to use dative or accusative? Google it there are some good websites I also like 2 youtube channels German with Ania and German with Jenny. Jenny has worksheets. They have nice videos explaining the cases. It takes time to learn them, so do not worry, keep going, but try to understand them so little by little you will master them.


I'm definitely going to go through those youtube channels that you suggested, Lorel90. Thanks so much for your reply. Thank you for the encouragement as well!

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