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"El este copil și tu ești bărbat."

Translation:He is a child and you are a man.

May 23, 2017



A minor problem in the exercise that lets you pick from the list of words to make the sentence; an a is missing so that you can't say both "a child" and "a man" with the available options. I've reported this issue on 23/05/2017.

I'd also like to use this space to thank all the amazing people that have worked to bring this course to us. Thank you all!


Why is it not un copil and un bărbat?


In Romanian you can miss out the indefinite article where it is implicit so 'El este copil' ('He is child') and 'El esta un copil' ('He is a child') are the same. Which is used in exercises does seem to be very hit and miss. This is problematic in the 'Say What You Hear' exercises as, with the voice used, it's easy to not hear if an un or o is present or not.

If you wanted to say 'he is the child' (definite article) then you would say 'El este copilul'.


They keep marking my answer wrong, even though it matches exactly what the phrase is correctly.


"He is a child and you are a man." This is what I typed, but still got it wrong :)


Is El pronounced correctly here? I keep hearing a "t" in the beginning so it becomes tel and I got really confused


No, El is pronounced "iel".


Man inseamna barbat nu un barbat. Am scris man și mi-a dat gresit


Why does 'he is a boy' not work here?


Copil is not gender specific.

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