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This upvote/downvote limit thing is ridiculous.

If you haven't heard, a post made by HelpfulDuo states that Duolingo is currently experimenting with anti-spam tools. One of these "tests" has caused a lot of users to lose the ability to downvote (or upvote).

Honestly, that's ridiculous. Why does everyone have to lose privileges just because of a few users? And it doesn't even fix the whole "downvote spam" thing they're claiming it fixes, as people can still make alternate accounts.

Even the moderators are being affected with this downvote test. Seriously, I wish they'd stop this. It's only going to make it worse. It's more difficult to hide spam because of this, so I ask: please give us back our voting rights.

(5/25/2017) EDIT: Looks like the limits were fixed! Also, I'm sorry for starting a giant argument on here.

May 23, 2017



I agree! I thought I was helping Duolingo getting rid of the spam posts by downvoting. Instead they think I am the spammer and I am not allowed to downvote spammers who are talking about hacking duolingo. And taking it away from mods is just ridiculous!


Definitely. This A/B test has made it harder to keep the forums as spam-free as possible.


Si, i have the same problem all the time. I was helping now i can't down vote/up vote anything.


2 days, and still impossible to downvote spam. Spammers can flood with insults and "xggeges", I see those messages, but I cannot do anything. Same deception than yours.

The worse is with bad answers (about grammar) on the forum, they seem legit now without being downvoted.


I know so much "spam" gets through now without people's ability to down vote.


This also keeps spammers from voting down multiple good legit posts in a short amount of time, I personally haven't seen much of an effect on my voting abilities but then I don't generally do that much up or down voting anyway. But I don't think there has been quite as bad of a down voting problem lately so something must be working.


People downvoting multiple legit posts in a short amount of time is annoying but not the problem. As long as everyone has one vote, the reasonable people will overpower the annoying ones and keep the posts afloat. The problem is people downvoting one legit post multiple times with different accounts. Apparently the staff has completely missed that distinction. Aria for example has suggested that people would need to spend 10 minutes on the site before they can vote.


The spammers will just make alternate accounts, so they can continue to downvote. Or they can make a bunch of spam posts to make it more difficult to get to the good posts.

In my opinion, this won't fix a thing, only make it worse.


It seems to me that I'm seeing less spam, and more importantly I'm not seeing as many useful threads down-voted out of existence by self-appointed 'guardians'.


How do you see useful threads down-voted out of existence by self-appointed 'guardians'? When Activity still existed you could stumble on one through that but now you would have to be there before the guardians and follow it or comment and hope someone replies.


The lunatics took over the asylum a long time ago. Honestly, I think the best way to protest against this sort of nonsense is to refuse point blank to vote down the ordure. Let it stand. Let them see what they're left with when they treat users with the odd brain cell like idiots and give them the site they deserve.


Personal remark: it would have been better to keep discussing it in the staff's post

  1. to not create several discussions about the same topic
  2. because (constructive) remarks made here will very likely never be read by staff (so are very likely useless to have things changed) while a comment there does have a chance to be read by staff (hence a chance to maybe (with luck) make them reverse it).

Of course, on the change itself, I agree it's a bad one (cf. my comments there).


Guess we got lucky, then.

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