Thanks Duo!

Lately there has been a lot of crap going around about Duo. Some of it people are overreacting. Sometimes people just don't like the way Duo removed a lot of stuff(only temporarily of course). But they really do their best. So thanks Duo!

May 23, 2017


I never said Duo was doing a bad job. It's quite impressive, actually.

I'm also sort of excited for the new stuff, but also scared.

It was mainly PierceNeige.

Thanks especially to the moderators!

The staff didn't think the recent downvoting limit through, but maybe they'll notice themselves. Other than that you can see they are working on it and I can't imagine they'd want to knowingly destroy their own website (especially not now it actually turns profit thanks to the ads).

I can't wait for the new forums (and hopefully a better search function) and whatever they have in store with tinycards (I bet in the longterm it will somehow integrate with duo!) or the bots (which I have yet to use, because I don't have iOS) and everything else.

Listen, I'm a total idiot. If the staff were to add something that almost everyone liked, I'm gonna complain about it.

Also, the mods and staff are incredibly nice people. In fact, Luis, the guy who made Duolingo, was also responsible for making reCAPTCHA. I'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing.

Oui! Merci beaucoup, Duolingo! Tu es SUPERB!!!

Is the loss of some features and the addition of some others annoying? Yes, but the Duo staff do it with the best of intentions. They want to improve the website and app and make them more enjoyable and effective. And honestly, as long as I get to learn the language I love for free, I'm more than happy.


Thank you for saying this! The staff of Duolingo works incredibly hard and a lot of people just wouldn't understand that!

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