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What is the new Duolingo? Why Duolingo doesn't explain clearly all the reforms before they happens?

When I read the announcement, it's always, "it will be better after", "it will be faster after", but it's a bit like politicians, it doens't explain anything.

So, removing immersion, removing messaging, removing (down)voting.

Why each time, Duolingo let only people realize the change, or warn only few days before.

The immersion removal was planned long before, the other removal also, as a plan is made once, and is done in the time. For instance, part A of the plan from may to june, part B, etc... It doens't come like, oh we will remove this next months, and after we will see. It never happens like this, it is planned years before for a long plan like this one, with several parts.

There are a lot of other changes to come, but nothing is explained, it's only "oh you see, it will be better". How do you know we will like them?

Why not, if you trust your users, telling them your plan, once you decided it?

Why Duolingo communication is so bad? Are you so sure the changes will be so unpopular than, like when a politician want to rise the taxes, you talk about it only the last minute.

What is the plan for the forum now? A new forum or its removal (as it cannot stay in this state with more and more spam, and bad grammar answers not being downvoted)

Do you plan to let the website and improve only the app (so to let the site rot), as I could understand it, the website brings no more money now the immersion has gone. Do you plan to make a Duolingo for advanced users or only for kids and beginners? As if you remove the grammar forum on the sentence, the site will be like an automatic site only. I fear it, because of bots.

So, tell us what are the future plans, please Duolingo. No more bad surprises like the 3 past we had recently. How not to be pessimistic about the next ones.

What is the plan to make Duolingo profitable? We should know a little about this. Is it a freemium plan?

Talking about a "faster" site, and not a more complete site or a more advanced site, make me thing you want to remove a lot of features to make a lighter site. Faster, lighter, it's the same thing. I didn't see much people complaning about the site slow speed, except if you want to make everything for the app.

The fact you didn't add the notes and forums on the app makes me thing it's intentional.

Sorry, but we have only to guess, as everything is imposed to us, and no feedback never make Duolingo changes its mind.

May 23, 2017



"It's a bit like politicians"

My favorite sentence XD


Thank you for understanding what I meant. ^^


What is the plan to make Duolingo profitable? We should know a little about this. Is it a freemium plan?

There have been two posts by Luis on this topic. here and here They have been pretty open about their plans for it so far.

And the faster site was a complete rewrite, it was easier to just write it so the front end that we see is the way it was before, I'm sure they'll add more to it eventually.

As I already told you in another discussion I don't think there's any sign they'd remove the sentence discussion. Not when they just added them to the apps. Why would the invest that time if it they decided that it should slowly go into the nirvana?

Yes, their communication isn't always perfect. But that's not part of a conspiracy or politics to take away everything.

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Well, let's just say that if I communicated with my clients at work the same way the DL team communicates with us, I would expect a word with my boss - in private - pretty soon. That at the very least, if not getting laid off outright.

On the other hand there is the fact that we are not exactly DL's clients, since it is offered to us for free. Duolingo Plus might actually be a good thing in the long run, it will incentivize the DL team to better communicate with its paying customers at the very least.


"Why each time, Duolingo let only people realize the change, or warn only few days before."

Because we all agree to it. Read your terms of service:

"Duolingo may, in its sole discretion and at any time, update, change, suspend, make improvements to or discontinue any aspect of the Service, temporarily or permanently."


This is a standard clause for any user agreement relating to electronic services.


Well, sure, but that's a baseline. It doesn't mean that Duolingo couldn't actually communicate better with users. It's communicated very poorly with users over the past five years.


Yes, that's my point !!! Thank you to you to understand my point!


I didn't say we are not forced to agree, like on Facebook, I said why we are not a part of the life of this site?


We're not forced to agree. It's entirely up to you whether you accept the agreement or not. You read the terms in advance, and if you disagree then you don't have to accept them.

Your free will remains intact.


You don't understand my point. It's about trust, and a real community, that hear users. Not a site like Facebook, when you disagree, you quit. Many people who will quit, so I don't think I'm a special case. The day they will remove the grammar forum, some users will says "hey you don't like you quit", but the site will be dead for me.


Yes, communication is not always the best on duo and could definitely improve, but you're basing so much of your argument on the fact that you think they might close the sentence discussions and there's been no sign that would happen whatsoever...

Also yes, if you disagree with the fact that they have the right to change things you should quit, because you agreed to it by making an account.


I would understand it if you put it like womatua. I upvoted his comment, because I agree. But you always come back to you thinking they'd delete the discussions, which sounds like a conspiracy theory.


Because you said I didn't understand your point. And I disagreed because your example was again:

The day they will remove the grammar forum, some users will says "hey you don't like you quit", but the site will be dead for me.

Which if it wasn't the point. Why did you mention it again? I wouldn't have brought it up if I didn't read the exact same thing a couple of times from you today.

What i mean with conspiracy theory is that you expect everything to get worse and worse and them planning to make you and the rest of us not welcome here, even though there are no signs for it. It seems to me sometimes like you expect them to knowingly ruin everything just so they could laugh about it. Yes, they got rid of some good stuff, but that doesn't mean everything that makes Duolingo what is it, will end up getting thrown in the trash.

There's still a difference between politics and business politics. Even with the bad decisions they have an interest, that we stay on the site, because they get money by us looking at ads and are apparently running scientific tests about learning on top of the feature A/B tests.


So, in this case, you didn't understand my point. The forum closing is nothing. The problem of communication is everything.

If you disagree, you quit. Ah that's easy to say, and show you didn't understand my point, so back to the beginning of this comment.


Replying here

"I would understand it if you put it like womatua. I upvoted his comment, because I agree. But you always come back to you thinking they'd delete the discussions, which sounds like a conspiracy theory."

No. I told you it was not about deleting the forum, so why do you come back with this. I told you "no". So why do you say "you always come back to you thinking".

I told you once again: no. It's not the problem.

If you think it's a conspiracy theory, you didn't understand what I mean. It's a plan, there is plan when you manage a firm or a site. No alien beings make the plans, so I don't understand how it could be "conspiracy theories", it's only planning, bad or good, and choosing the target of the site. Anyone who studied a bit of marketing know that. There are plans, targets and long-term plans..


There's this maxim: never waste a good crisis.

Pretty well accounts for how they went about the Immersion and activity stream shut-down.

However, the website certainly won't be abandoned. They just rewrote all the code that makes it run. Frankly, the old website is slow and laggy in the exercises, and generically I'm happy that they've worked to speed it up. I'm not happy, however, with various extremely useful features apparently being eliminated. Among other changes with the new website is the introduction of ads. Frankly, I'm glad about this precisely because it means the website will bring them revenue so is much more greatly assured of an enduring place in the business model.


You are ridiculous and I love it. Keep up the drama.


And you are very INPOLITE. I wonder who is ridiculous, the people who mocks other users or the people who express yourself. I don't mind your insults and your mockery. Do you know?


You are right. I'm just a troll.


Very tired with this kid mentality. It's the reason why I'm not happy with the new Duolingo. Users were respectful before, and always ready to help other users. And it's less and less the case.

People like Borbotrincess who come here only to be troll other people discussions completely kill this site community, and the good and helpful spirit that was here before.

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