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"She is a good sculptor and photographer."

Translation:Ea este o sculptoriță și fotografă bună.

May 23, 2017



Wondering why "ea este o sculptorita buna si fotografa" isn't accepted? Or is the English sentence supposed to say "She is a good sculptor and a good photographer?" As it stands, it's ambiguous, and can mean that she's a good sculptor and also a photographer, but not necessarily a good one...and so that's how I wrote it...


This is how I wrote it too, would love to know how they would differentiate between the two


Yep ditto. It could be that she's a good sculptor and a simply mediocre photographer. No way to tell. It should be accepted as an alternative.


I'm now thinking that the lack of indefinite article before "photographer" means the word "good" refers to both professions (or hobbies). The English would read "... and a photographer" or "... and also a photographer" to emphasize a relative lack of quality in that department


This sentence is too ambiguous still and I firmly believe that "Ea este o sculptoriță bună și fotografă." should be accepted. Unless we should assume that Romanian follows the same logic as English does where we don't repeat the word "good" and just assume that she's good at both (in this instance)?


Why do some occupations require indefinite articles (like this one) and others don't?


This is a poor translation. The English says she is a good sculptor and only says that she is a photographer but the Romanian says she is a sculptor and a good photographer. Please correct this as you confuse people


When are we supposed to use o or un with occupation? Seems it is only some of the time....


Does the singular adjective "bună" mean that she is a good photographer, but nothing special as a sculptor?


No, it's just like in English, "good" doesn't occur twice.


Victiria I think that your sentence must be accepted and report already that. There is not other eay to say that she is good scluptor but also just photoghrapher not "good"


Ambiguous sentence. She can be a good sculpturist but an OK photographer


Why it will not accept ”o sculptoriță și o fotografă bună” I know it may sound redundant but is it totally wrong ? I wish they had Romanian for Spanish speakers, I think it would make my life a lot easier haha.


I've read elsewhere that by adding the second "o", "good" no longer refers to both sculptor and photographer, but just photographer. So it becomes, "She is a sculptor and a good photographer," which isn't the sentence.


The English sentence is ambiguous, at least in some countries where English is spoken. There are probably a number of correct translations into Romanian that should be accepted, dependinb on yhe assumed meaning.

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