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Any tips to learn the questions skill effectively?

Its been four days since I started this skill and Warum, Wofur, Wenn, Weiso still sound so similar to me. Isn't there any way to translate these yes/no questions more easily?

May 23, 2017



Hmm, "Warum?", "Wieso?" and "Weshalb" have the same meaning - are they marked as wrong if you use them?

  • Warum ist der Himmel blau?
  • Weshalb ist der Himmel blau?
  • Wieso ist der Himmel blau?

means all the same: "Why is the sky blue?" There is no difference in meaning between these questions. You ask for reason of something.

An other case is "Wofür?", this question word asks for the purpose of something (same as "Wozu?").

  • Q: "Wofür/Wozu brauchst du das Auto?" A: "Um zur Arbeit zu fahren."

(Q: "For what do you need the car?" A: "To drive to work.")

Do you have some examples, where you have problems to choose from?


I see. Well, thanks Inuzuka....guess I just need more revision and repetition.

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