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Duolingo Bug

I seem to have been bitten by it. :p Ever since I started Duolingo, I have become extremely interested in learning other languages. Who else has caught the bug?

May 23, 2017



Definitely me. Japanese is by far my strongest passion and I'm considering pursuing a career in linguistics.

[deactivated user]

    Definitely me, although I'm really bad with keeping up my streaks. :(


    I have been bitten by it... I just started to learn Turkish yesterday!


    I actually just started it the night before last! I will probably wait on learning it for now though. I want to focus on Norwegian.


    Impressive...I'm waiting for Duolingo to release Japanese into the website! I can't wait for it!!!


    I'm doing fine reading the script, but don't ask me to remember what few words I've been taught. Japanese sounds NOTHING like English!


    I know that...even learning Hebrew is hard...


    And Russian... but at least Russian sounds a little like English. I have actually been to Israel before and heard how Hebrew sounds. It sounds harsh to me.


    I was born in a Hebrew home...it took a long time to learn the basics...although I am the only Hebrew speaking person in my house...my Grandma passed away two years ago...she was the one who taught me Hebrew... I speak and learn Hebrew to remember her..


    And to think I used to think languages were boring!

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