Well, I need someone that want to talk with me English and French. Plisss!

I'm going to do my exam for cetification but I'm not prepared for it, so I'm looking for somebody that want to practice with me. :D

May 23, 2017

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Hi friend. What's new! Well, like you I am trying to enforce my English command. I'm here for your comments. Let me know the topic you would like to talk about and..., well, let's go ahead!

May 23, 2017

Hi body, Thanks, I like to talk about the superlatives and comparative adjetives. Do you kwon something about it? I'm so confuse about it.

Yes, my dear friend I guess we can work with them. For example, anwser to this question: Who is THE YOUNGEST person in your family?

Are you YOUNGER than somebody else?

My brother Eduardo is more younger than me. I don't know if it is correct, when I should say younger or youngest?

Well, the sentence is not correct. You should say: "My brother Eduardo is younger than me." The word 'more' is not necessary just because it is included in the comparative 'younger'. The ending ER indicates the comparison between you and your brother. I ask you the question again: WHO IS THE YOUNGEST PERSON IN YOUR FAMILY? (meaning that there is not any other taller person.)

Thanks friend you're awesome and what's the difference between termination EST and ER?

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