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ASCII Spammer - [Resolved]

[EDIT: Ethicz. HAS BEEN BANNED FROM DISCUSSIONS] (And the Duolingo staff weren't that slow after all.)

I saw there were some new comments on a Discussion I followed, but when I looked, they were all by this user named Ethicz.. I've reported abuse, but the Duolingo team always seems to take time doing stuff, so I decided to post it here so maybe the mods could see it. Look here. His spam covers half the page.


I think the discussion should be cleaned up by a mod.

May 23, 2017



Is it a bot or a person


I think Ethicz. is a real person, not a bot, since his profile is all set up and everything, and he has actual progress in French.


hey, there is a black streak covering your whole pic. and it is making it hard to see. just thought i would let you know. :)

[deactivated user]

    That's the spam...


    The black streak is text that has been turned 90 degrees.


    Heh. Thanks for telling me.


    I'd love to see this guy comment on here with all of those symbols.


    How did he do that?


    You can add tons of combining characters <- (look there) on top of normal characters to make them stretch up or down. They're basically half of a letter, that can be merged into a normal letter to build up on top of the letter, above the letter, or below the letter.


    Well, that is creative spam.
    I'm having a hard time deciding if it's more annoying than interesting.


    I'd say it's more annoying.


    If you zoom in, unfortunately there is no secret code designed to test the intellect; it's just a lot of combing unicode characters, as RyanOkushi says above:

    Another user named DuoHacks is doing it on this thread; they are probably one and the same person, and the intent is obviously malicious.


    It seems the spam comments have been deleted on your thread.


    dang! that looks really bad! but how did he get the black marks on the discussion?


    Read the comments above.

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