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Alright and All Right I: (

In German In Ordung means alright but Alles Klar means all right. The Difference please? <:(

May 23, 2017



'Alright' is considered nonstandard English. 'All right' is always the correct form, but it can, of course, have different shades of meaning. But there is no sense is differentiating between the two when defining a foreign word as the first is simply a nonstandard spelling of the second.


None ? :) I also have seen them.


None? So either or is ok to say?


Lately I am using Alles Klar :) but I think both are ok to use.


There is a difference.

To me it seems like "Alles klar" is more of an "I understand." If a man tells you a bunch of instructions you would say "Alles klar!"

But to me "In Ordnung" means sort of "get it together". If there's a big crowd of students, a person of authority might try to quiet them with "alright" like "In Ordnung".

I would use "alles klar" as long as someone just told you something, and "in Ordnung" if you're about to tell someone else something.


Where did you learn this, I wonder? In Ordnung is definitely not that restricted, and actually I don't think you'd ever use it to quiet people down. For that you'd use Ruhe! or something like that.

When used as part of a sentence, stick with in Ordnung. For example, "das war nicht in Ordnung" which means "that was not all right".

However, I assume you mean in Ordnung! as an exclamation like alles klar!. In this case, there isn't much difference and they're interchangeable, but I would say alles klar! is more colloquial than in Ordnung!.


Ok. Danke. Much better definition. :)

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