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"Das Studium dauert mindestens drei Jahre."

Translation:The study takes at least three years.

May 23, 2017



Can anyone explain to me why: " the study lasts at least three years" is incorrect? Thank you in advance.


To me, "to last" and "to take" have different connotations. That is, when something lasts an x amount of time, it does so on its own terms, but when something takes an x amount of time, that is the amount of time it takes some person or other agent to do that thing.


They are interchangeable here, though.


It was accepted as correct for me (April 2020)


Sounds to me like a good translation...


I have the same question


I always translate in my head "dauern" as "durate" and then try to translate "durate" into a word that most people in English will use. It's not a very effective strategy. "The study durates at least three years."


The study has a duration of at least three years - Das Studium hat eine Dauer von mindestens drei Jahren.


Does this mean "the study" like a piece of research (e.g. "I'm doing a study on how people acquire second language sounds")?


According to Wiktionary, it's the act of studying (presumably, in the context of this sentence, for a qualification of some kind).

To be honest, I don't think that 'study' is a good translation here. I'd prefer 'course'.


Totally agree. Doesn't read like fluent English at all.


No. That would be "Studie". "Studium" is definitely a course of study or studying at university. The English translation here is strange.


Duo's answer is primitive and should not be the only acceptable answer.


I believe that "The studies takes at least three years" should be correct because "studies" can be a collective noun to represent all of the studies that take place in one's program. E.g. there is a subject called International Studies, not International Study.


"The study takes a minimum of three years," is wrong. Why?


Sounds to me like a good translation...


First, in English, the future tense would probably be preferred; second, per "Beolingus" dictionary, means to last (as the primary definition). i.e. should be acceptable. In my opinion, lasting three years is a one time thing; taking three years can mean for example a course that is repeated for new students.


A degree course lasts a minimum of three years - this is not a one time thing.


I would have thought the “The study requires at least three years” was an accurate translation but it was rejected!


Study is the room you study in.

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