how do i?

i want to know how do i become a moderator on there a certain website. if so can you give me a link i want to be part in helping people with problems like being bullied on this app.

1 year ago


You can find all about moderators and how to become one by reading this helpful article.

Remember that you can become helpful by closely following the guidelines.

Here is a little excerpt:

To become a forum moderator:

  • Be super helpful, welcoming and polite in the forums. Mods keep an eye on caring and knowledgeable community members and remember them when new moderating slots open up.
  • Create interesting and relevant forum posts regularly
  • You can also contribute to a course if you want to help out with a particular language
1 year ago

Duolingo is not working on getting more moderators (I think). If there comes a time where they need more, they will look for people who are constantly following the rules and downvoting spam and just being plain helpful!

1 year ago
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