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What language course on Duolingo has the most easter eggs/funny translations? Examples?

May 23, 2017



Hard to remember them all, but from memory: German had one that was like "Someone stole the holy potato." Italian: "The husband must die." French: "This spider is indispensable." Irish: "Paul fell into a black hole." Sketchy Greek one: "What is the legal age?" Sketchy French "I am so old and she is so young." Esperanto had one about dancing dogs. I had screenshots of the best on my old phone.


I know that Dutch and French have some funny ones


I don't really know for sure ... but in Norwegian I've had to translate 'he is just a mean old man' ;)


this is great


Dutch has some hilarious ones, as does Norwegian. Most of them have a few, but those two are the ones that reliably make me laugh the hardest. There are a couple of accounts on instagram that post their favorite finds.


Reddit r/Duolingo find SDS tag


I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Turkish course, which has got to be up there with its random pop culture references ("You know nothing, Jon Snow!" "Use the Force, Luke!" "My name is Bond. James Bond."), weird character development for Duo ("Duo, you are not single." "Duo is very sick because he is eating the soup with salt." "With me or with Duo." "Duo used to love me."), and of course just plain weird sentences ("The elephant is eating a tomato at the post office." "Love is like a pink cake." "Good morning, blue rabbit!" "What percent of you is water?")

Since I'm studying theoretical physics, though, my favorite Turkish sentence will always be: "I read the article but I did not understand the theory."


Nothing wrong with "Good morning blue bunny" if you get the reference. ;)


Oh? I don't, but I enjoyed the surreality of it anyway, haha. What is it from?


Many of these courses were built by friends of mine. If you look at my profile picture (minus the few times I switch it out for a temporary pic), I'm the "bunny/blue bunny of Duolingo". So, whenever people encounter bunny sentences in the courses, it's, a hug/nod of sorts.

Selcen created that particular "Good morning, blue bunny" and then messaged me with the screenshot from inside of the Incubator.



Dutch , Norwegian and Danish have the best ones.


"He played with a rhinoceros and now he cannot move anymore." Translation: Hij heeft met een neushoorn gespeeld en nu kan hij zich niet meer bewegen. ( Dutch)


I feel like Korean has a whole lot of Death Note references....


I encountered one in Japanese last month: 'The dog is selling my hats out'


from what i hear from my sister, Norwegian has a TON. I found a lost one in German. "I have found a cabel on the beach.


"Luis has a black book." is in the Spanish course.


In the Spanish to English course there are a lot of sentences with "cutting the cheese", e.g., He is cutting the cheese. She had cut the cheese, He has cut the cheese, etc.


Are people referring to the funny translations as "easter eggs"?


Not that I know of


portugese: 10 dollars is 10 dollars, but hes gay


Tap Duo 11 times when he's like '5 in a row, well done!' funny results

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