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Finally, after many weeks (maybe months) of waiting Romanian is on mobile. This was announced at 9:43 A.M this morning by email. I got the email from and it said:

The Duolingo Romanian course is now on our apps! Learn on the go! Fun, free and effective. Start learning Romanian Now available on the Duolingo iOS and Android apps and on duolingo.com!

I'm not sure how to include a screenshot of the email

HOW TO GET ROMANIAN ON MOBILE: 1.Update the Duolingo app (if you don't have the mobile app install now and you will on the latest version). 2. Go to your languages. 3. If you are already learning Romanian it should pop up. If not click on "add a new course" and scroll down until you see Romanian. Once you have clicked on Romanian you will be learning Romanian on the mobile app.

Comment below why you are happy Romanian is on mobile and what you will be able to do now Make sure you follow this discussion because A LOT of people don't know that Romanian is on mobile.

May 23, 2017



Great news! But what about the Universal Windows Application? :)


Oh my! I have been waiting for this for so long. There are still a lot of improvements needed on the Romanian course, but I'm glad they're working on it :)


I logged in to practice last night and got this happy surprise. I personally find it a lot easier to switch between keyboards on a mobile device than on my desktop computer, so this makes it quicker and easier for me to work on the language


Not only does Romanian not show up for me, but I can't find it under 'add a new course'. How do you update the app?


Go on to the Google Play store (for Androids) or the Apple App Store (for Apples) and search for Duolingo. Then click on it and it should say Update if it is not updated or open if it is updated. If you have any problems contact the troubleshoot Duolingo people.


Does anyone else have a slightly modified tree on their app? I'm noticing Prepositions 1 is now in the checkpoint before its usual place. Seems weird.


awesome!! ive been waiting for this for awhile now, thank duolingo!! Our prayers have been answered!!


I'm now able to work while taking public transport or walking...and I enjoy this a lot ! Thank you Romanian Duolingo people, amazing work ! :)


What does on mobile mean?

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