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Italian Beginners?

Hey so I'm really new at this and I'm so interested in learning my culture's language. So I was wondering if anyone has any tips to give me on how much I should try to learn in a day so I don't overload my brain and forget everything. I know I've done too much already but I'm just so excited. Can anyone tell me how I should keep a slow pace so I can really understand and start to be fluent. Also I would like another tip on how to memorize the words in my head so when I hear them speaking I don't have to look at the words to give the answer.

May 23, 2017



PACE: When you finish a skill, don't start another one. Make sure to strengthen it (even if it's already gold) at least 2 more times. This ensures that you don't miss anything before moving on. Unfortunately, I can't tell you how much to learn each day, since that depends on your learning pace. If it's easy for you to remember all the words you've learned in one day, then you can do more. If it's hard, then you should slow down.

MEMORIZATION: With regards to memorizing words, you're lucky since Italian has lots of cognates. But if there's a word you're struggling to remember, just close your eyes and picture something. For example, if you are struggling to remember mattina, close your eyes, imagine a sunrise, and say the word (in your head or out loud). Do this each time you can't remember a word's meaning. Alternatively, you can go to Google Italy and search an image for any word you don't know. I find that colors and images are very powerful tools to help you learn language.


My favorite trick for memorizing vocabulary is sticky notes. Write the words on them and put them on your walls at eye level in places you commonly walk by. Every time you see a sticky note, say the word out loud. The words will become ingrained in your brain. Good luck with your Italian!


My recommendations are - for pace, I understand being excited and kind of leaping ahead. That's totally fine, but stop and go back, strengthen everything before you keep going. If you look at the words listed under each lesson, and you don't know half of them, redo that lesson. As for memorizing ... well, everybody does that differently, but I look at the word, say pomodoro, and thing in my head, pomodoro, tomato, pomodoro, tomato. Good luck with Italian! It's a cool language. I also have a somewhat Italian background.

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