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Streak Freeze needs to be improved!

[deactivated user]

    I know the streak freeze is very useful when you can't go on Duolingo. But one thing that bothers me is that you can't buy multiple ones. You see, when I went camping, there was no internet. I could only buy one streak freeze the day before I went to camping, but soon after that I lost my streak. Another example is that one day, I was able to go on Duolingo. However, the next day, I was not able to go on it all day, so maybe there could be an option where you can choose where the freeze will take place. For instance, you can buy 1 freeze and place it on a specific day (let's say tomorrow) and it will take place. Also, maybe there could be and option where you can buy multiple streak freezes, and place them all on consecutive or different dates. You could place it on the same day as well. I'm sure people have had this issue before, where they can't go on Duolingo and place a streak in the future. But if this is added, then lots of others will be able to keep their streak.

    May 23, 2017



    A streak is a streak... If you break it you break it. IDKY so many people ask for this. I do not think they should offer any freeze at all. That ruins the whole point of a streak. It is basically lying. Besides, a streak is all about ego. We are here to learn not to show off our 900 day streak. Speaking fluently in another language should be all the reward you need. BTW, I LOVE camping! I hope you had fun! =)


    Besides, a streak is all about ego.

    No, it is not. I've been able to maintain a streak for just over a year because I've been determined to practice every day no matter how inconvenient it is for me. It demonstrates my dedication to learning a language ( I only ever did one new lesson in a language per day so I wasn't blitzing through the courses, everything else was review) and I'm sure it represents the dedication and study of many other people here on Duolingo.

    It is basically lying.

    No, it is not. Everybody knows that a freeze exists. Everybody knows that their useful for events beyond our control (power outages, family emergencies, etc.) and Duolingo saw fit to provide one in the first place. Everybody who looks at a streak knows that a freeze may have been used one or more times and if it were used it would be as likely because of something reasonable like an accident or from exhaustion as it would be from any other reason.


    Have to agree with you. Calling it a streak really doesn't make it so.


    I have to disagree with you, KasperinK. Like Pancho Delanave said, sometimes you can't help losing a streak. I have lost streaks multiple times because I was on vacation and didn't have internet connection, or lost power. For me, I find I am most motivated to learn when I want to keep my streak, and I rarely enable a streak freeze, unless I know that I'll be unable to do it all day. I don't use it to make me seem like an amazing learner who can do it every day for even multiple years, because that is almost impossible. I use it to keep me motivated to learn and not loose a streak. I agree, some people DO use it to show off, but that isn't always the case.

    I don't want to argue. This should be a place where we can all state our opinions, and I respect your personal opinion. I'm just stating mine.


    I appreciate your opinion and I respect that. Thank you. =)


    I totally agree with you Kasperink. If you are using your streak freeze sadly you have already lost your streak.


    You may have technically lost it, but like I said above, just seeing that I have a streak, even if it's because of a streak freeze, keeps me more motivated, since I don't have a deadline to learn a language by.

    And yes, I did need to use a streak freeze to keep my current streak.


    Yeah, I understand totally seeing it as a motivation! I will admit that if I did not have my streak I would be less apt to do it everyday even though it is great. So yes I think you made a good point. :)


    I understand that and many people agree. I do not but I get it. Just keep thinking of the joy you will get when you can be fluent. Do not let the streak be your determining factor! <3


    I understand what you're saying. But for some, (including me) if you're doing a language for fun that in no way relates to your schooling or career and you don't see yourself needing it in the future, it greatly motivates you to learn more each day. I agree, it's pathetic if you are learning a language that you'll need in life soon or later on and you only do it each day to keep you're streak. But not all people are using Duolingo for school or work purposes. I'm only learning Dutch because 1) I'm half Dutch and 2) because I like the challenge. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying there's more than one perspective to this topic.


    Same here. I am not in school. I just want to learn Portuguese bc I am half Brazilian. Not sure I'll ever use it but I think it is a beautiful language.

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