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¡Passion for learning english!

Hello everyone! I'm Cesar and I have a passion for learning English! I'm searching good friends for practice. who want to practice with me? We support us.

May 24, 2017

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Hi, i can see the passion in you for learn english, is so wonderful learn everything of the english. Nice to meet you.


Hi, thanks! Nice to meet you. It is very important to learn english, is so interesting too.


Hello Cesar...I can practice with you as well...To begin with...I must give some suggestions to improve your post...Of course, any English native speaker will understand you if you don't take these into account, but if it is of your interest, you can improve the following details...

Passion for learning english! (Without the opening exclamation mark)

I have passion for... (without the "a" article)

I'm searching good friends to practice with.

Who wants to practice with me?

We'll support each other / We will support each other

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