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Easy Languages for English Speakers?

I have been trying to learn a language, although, this endeavor has met with a reserved amount of success. I have heard that Germanic languages are simple for English speakers due to a similar root. I have also come to understand that Russian is fairly similar to English, aside from the Cyrillic alphabet, which I already know. Furthermore, it is widely believed that Swahili is one of the easiest Sub-Saharan African languages. I have been thinking about Irish Gaelic, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, or Welsh Gaelic.

<pre>Is there language that is substantially easier? Is there a language family that is simple for an English speaker? Is the Turkic language family difficult to learn? What about the Slavic language family? Please respond. Thank you. </pre>
May 24, 2017



There's no such thing as an easy language. It all depends on your mindset from the beginning. Some languages (like Spanish, French, Italian, and other European languages) have more cognates (with English) than others (Japanese, Vietnamese, etc.), which may be "easier" to learn. But ultimately, it all comes down to how you view a language and how much time you put into studying it.


You wouldn't believe how easy Swahili is. You always hear about romance and Scandinavian languages being easy, but no one thinks about Swahili.


I've been wanting to learn Swahili but I've been waiting for the audio. Do you know when the audio is coming?


I'm not completely sure, but I know that the contributors are very busy. It could come whenever I don't know. It doesn't effect it too much because the pronunciation is really easy so I learn it anyways.


I majored in Spanish and lived in Mexico and am perfectly fluent. However, I feel like German is not any more or less difficult. It has it's own quirks which are challenging, but that's true of Spanish or any language for that matter. Pick the language you have to know or are sure you'll have a reason to know. If there's no reason to know it you won't learn as effectively.


There's no thing as an "easy" language, except for some that have similar language roots. But I'd suggest either a Romance (French, Spanish, Portugese) or Germanic language like you said.


My language that I'm learning is french. It's pretty easy to me. But my Dad does speak it, so I don't know if that gives me an advantage.


Now that I've thought about it, there is one VERY easy language. English!! :)

[deactivated user]

    I don't know. Dutch seems pretty easy to me.


    You can give Spanish language a try . It has some similarities' with English.


    I think its SPANISH .. because some words are familiar with english .


    I've been learning quite a few languages and in my opinion Spanish has been the easiest by far, but I guess it depends on the person.

    Spanish word order is simple compared to, say, German, and Spanish pronunciation is easier than any other language I know.

    It's also spoken in quite a lot of countries so it's a good one to learn.

    But it really comes down to how much time you're willing to dedicate to a language - anyone can learn any language and different people find different languages easier. Also, if you LIKE a language more, you're going to want to put more effort into it, so it's pretty subjective.

    But my opinion for the easiest language - Spanish.


    French is pretty easy if you can speak English


    Your input was very valuable. This has helped me decide what language to learn. Thank you all, and good luck with language learning!


    Unfortunately, This language is not on Duolingo. But one of the easiest languages for english speakers is frisian, as they both are West Germanic Languages. Sorry for the really late comment!

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