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  5. "Dieser Wein ist gut."


"Dieser Wein ist gut."

March 3, 2013



In the notes it says that "this" can be expressed simply by "der"...Why use "dieser",then?


"der" only works if you put a lot of emphasis on it.


They could explain Dieser and other demonstrative pronouns...


that is, in speech only?


@Duomail: to elaborate a bit further on what christian said. The problem is that you can't easily distinguish between the article 'der' and the demonstrative pronoun 'der' in this sentence. If you see it in written form, you'll normally interpret it as being the article. In spoken German you can put enough emphasis on the 'der' to make clear that you mean the demonstrative pronoun.


What is the difference between Dieser and Diese?


Easy, - Dieser = Masculine noun ( der Hund -> Dieser Hund) (the dog -> this dog) - Diese = Feminin noun (die Tasche -> Diese Tasche) (the purse -> this purse) - Dieses = Neutral noun (das Kind -> Dieses Kind) (The kid -> This kid) - Diese = Plural nouns (die Katzen -> Diese Katzen) (The cats -> Those cats) These are demonstrative pronouns

Guide yourself by the endings, R, E, S and E, if it helps you.

Hope this helps, if I'm wrong, let me know bitte :)


why is not this able to mean ' this wine is fine' ???!!!!


i think it should be fine but i always use the most common word to make sure the site is not gonna mess up my sentence :D even if its right sometimes it does xD

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