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Learning language in your sleep?

Okay, so I was reading about something, and it said there was a tape you could play that helps you lear languages while you sleep... is that a real thing? If so, what language should I do?!?!?

May 24, 2017



To sum up the other comments, the Duolingo Pillow was created as an April Fool's joke. This is confirmed by clicking the Purchase the Duolingo Pillow button, which redirects you to Duolingo's home page.

Duolingo often creates April Fool's joke. 2017's joke was the release of the "Emoji for English Speakers" course.

To answer your question, though, you should definitely purchase the French pillow because it comes with upgraded flirting abilities.


I think Duolingo merchandise would be cool, though. Maybe like a Duo plush owl?


the Duolingo Pillow

Looking at the page again, it's amusing to see that they joked about the (lack of a) Japanese course by saying the Japanese Pillow would be available in 2039. I guess back then even the Duolingo staff didn't expect it to come out just 13 months later. :)


In your dreams! :-)


No, you can't learn a language in your sleep.


I just saw you bio. I like how you put Storybrooke Maine. (Once upon a time is my favorite show).


Yeah, I don't want to give my real location... I love the show, so i put it on as my location. I have to say though, my fav location I have seen so far is "right behind you"


Let me think.......Sacrificing my sound sleep (some pun intended!!!!!!) to learn Spanish.....nah,I will pass..Sleep is my true love,nothing will come between us :D


I have trouble sleeping, so I've downloaded a lot of language learning podcasts and I listen to them as I go to sleep. It continues for the whole night. I find it is an excellent cure for insomnia. I know the early podcasts by heart, so I soon fall asleep listening. When I wake up in the middle of the night, I listen to different material each time. Instead of worrying about things, I am listening to something useful. I do not have improved language skills as a result of this listening, so I know that I can't learn languages while I sleep.

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