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Feature or a bug?

Hi guys, I don't know if this a feature of a bug of Duolingo. I've been noticing that when I am going through a multi-lesson subject (like Perfect 1 in German), Duo will pass me on the rest of the lessons after I've only finished some of them. For instance, I was doing "Perfect 1" today, which has 6 lessons, and after I finished lesson three, the three remaining lessons were checked too. Did this happen because I did particularly well on the first lessons? Or is it just a mistake?

May 24, 2017



it may have something to do with the new german version that was recently installed.

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I guess that's right. It happened to me too but it does not look like a bug. If one would have already completed some lessons from the old tree, and those lessons were rearranged in another way in the new tree, one can come up to the situation when in a particular subject there are, let's say, 3 lessons that are already completed and 2 lessons that are new. The 2 new lessons can be the first and the second, and the completed ones no. 3, 4 and 5. Once the new lessons are completed, the entire subject is marked as completed.


That is consistent with what I experienced after a previously completed tree had new material added. So, in my case, at least, if did not seem to be bug..


That is one big streak


this happened to me once. It was a three-unit-lesson and it said 'complete' after two. I thought it was a glitch and did the last one anyway but it seems to be a new bug. This was the only time it happened and it was just a couple of days ago


Where did you have this "feature"? If it was on a mobile device, I may have a explanation.

Did you have "hearts" on the last lesson, which you loosed, when you answered to a question wrongly?

The first time, I encountered such "feature", I thought the same as you. I was surprised, because a multi-tier lesson was suddenly completed. The next time I remarked these hearts and was wondering about that, so I quitted this exercise. Then I saw the "Test out" link in the app and it seems, that I had accidentally tapped.

Since then the "feature" or "problem" didnĀ“t appear anymore.

This can also be happen on the web version, if you accidentally click on the "Test out" button instead of the lesson buttons.


Thanks but it definitely wasn't the Test out button. This has happened multiple times now and I consciously remember pushing the lesson button.

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