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"Die Schwestern sammeln Erfahrungen im Motorsport."

March 3, 2013



Sammeln = gain--is that a good translation here? I would've translated "sammeln" as "collect," which makes sense in English; or used another German word for "gain."


It depends on what you mean by “good”. A more-accurate translation of “accumulate experience” is ‘Erfahrungen sammeln’; and a more-accurate translation of ‘Erfahrung gewinnen’ is “gain experience”. However, the most common English expression is “gain experience”, and the most common German expression is “Erfahrungen sammeln”.


why in"the" motor sport is wrong?


English tends to use "sport" only in reference to a single, specific sport: e.g., tennis, or football. Here, I'm assuming, there is no such thing as one "motor sport" but rather several--for example, different kinds of racing, all-terrain driving, mountain biking, etc.

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