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"She is the woman that I love."

Translation:Sie ist die Frau, die ich liebe.

May 24, 2017



Why not "Sie is die Dame, die ich liebe."? The Italian duoLingo maintains that "woman" and "lady" aren't interchangeable. I guess every teacher has their own eccentricities. But it leaves me wondering.


"Dame" is a rather antiquated word and almost nobody uses it anymore if they don't want to make a point. There are still old words around like "Damenrad", "Damenbekleidung" and terms like "Meine Damen und Herren,..." etc. But nowadays, feminism has almost banned the word. It's not an insult, don't worry, but it does imply rather old-fashioned gender stereotypes whereas "Frau" is neutral. Hardcore feminists might actually be highly offended if you call them "Dame" but it can also be conceived as polite and gentlemanly, depending on the personal view of the person, I guess.

You should also be aware of the adjectives "dämlich" which means "dumb" and "herrlich" which means "wonderful". I know some women (and men!) who spit fire if you use either word...


What you say is irony, too: "Frau" also means "wife" and not all women are wives. And until they ban "Meine Damen und Herren," I do not see Duo rejecting "Sie ist die Dame, die ich liebe."


Frau only means wife with a possesive pronoun otherwise it just means woman. And really no one would say "sie ist die Dame, die...."


I think because it's Die Liebe but I may be wrong. This lesson is a bit of a challenge with no explanation of how this works.


Because Frau ist "die Frau". It refers to the woman I love.


Because of " frau " which is feminine word , you wanna say here " that " not " whose " , so you can not use " deren "


Why not die liebe ich


The verb in this clause goes at the end of the clause not in the second position


Can anyone explain how this works,cause I'm guessing like a blind chicken


What happened to den vs die


Can I say "Sie ist die Frau, die mir gefällt" ?


It is a correct sentence but not a correct translation

gefallen, mögen - to like

lieben - to love


why are wrong replies deleted from the text box?

reported under the only appropriate option: "something else went wrong", 21 April, 2020

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