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How long did it take to finish your first tree?

Hallo, I started a few days ago... I am quite far from being done, but I was wondering how long it usually takes to finish a tree?

Thank you :D

May 24, 2017



There is no average time actually as it is very flexible. But if you give us the constraint borders, then there might be an estimation.

How many xp or course per day? Are we going to use shortcuts or test ourselves for any skill or set of skills? Are we going to strengthen previous skills or just focus on finishing the tree?

Mine took around 4 months to finish the tree. I studied 50 xp/day(average), kept all previous skills gold. For instance, I could not start last 2 skills for 2 weeks because of the previous lessons. I set a goal that I would keep all of them gold. No shortcuts used.


Thank you so, I appricate it!


Different trees are different lengths: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15894064

And it also depends on how much you try and knock out while doing lessons.

It took me about 4-6 months to complete Ukrainian and about 8 to complete Dutch, but with Dutch I had stopped progressing for a long time


thank you love! :)


I've finished two trees: Swedish and French, the first one took around 80 days, the second one took 42 days.

Now I've been doing German for around 100 days and around 80% of the tree is done.

But anyway, I know people who made it in a year, so there's no average speed


Thank you so! :D Goodluck on the german!


Hi there,it took me about ten days to finish the first part of the tree. I am learning Spanish by the way. :)


thank you love! goodluck on learning! :)


Thanks!! Same to you.


I've been at it a while but just doing about 5 a day it might take about a month if you stick to it? I've found the lingots get useless after a while because you cant really use them


I hope I can finish my Romanian tree in a week or two. I started at 4th of January, not knowing anything about the language. So that is about 5 months to finish the tree. Keeping skills golden is what takes the most time. I also spent time practicing in other ways than Duolingo, so if you are very motivated you surely can do it faster. It depends on the tree size and language difficulty, though :)


Goodluck dear! :D Thank you!


I should be done by the end of the week, which is my goal. According to my classroom account 605 days, 1542 lessons, 43 skills, 14807 XP. Keep in mind that is doing about 20 XP a day on average and only moving forward if all my skills were golden. Also, I am a monoglot with no language learning experience.


Best of luck to you, thank you! :D


Well do you mean until you pass the first checkpoint because if you mean that then it's about 2-5 days possibly a week at the max but if you mean the whole tree then I can't answer that but a very long time I can tell you as I'm on the last section but it has so far taken me 4 months (well around that amount of time) and I'm still not finished!

It also depends how long you spend on it! ^U^


Appreciate it, goodluck on the French! :D


I still haven't finished my first tree


I want to say it took me about 5 months? It was the Portuguese tree and at that time, it was the longest tree available on Duo. With two rounds of additions and improvements, it is now the German tree. That is a loooong tree now.

At least, I think after this newest update, the German tree is longer than the current Norwegian tree? I am still waiting to get a look at the second version of the Norwegian tree.


Your tree is very impressive! :D Thank you sehr much :)

  • 1962

131 days of hard work on the long German tree


Goodjob! :D Thank you very much :*


The first time I completed my Spanish for English speakers tree, it took about 90 days, I think. I was earning 100-500 XP a day and doing a lot of review while I was at it. I don't recall how long it took me to do the reverse tree (English for Spanish speakers). It was more of a challenge than I expected though. The first few lessons were very easy. After that, however, the difficulty increased markedly.

The important part is to go at a pace that is good, but still a challenge, for you. I found that when I let my brain rest between lesson reviews, I had to struggle to remember the vocabulary. For example, doing a lesson 5 times but with breaks between each time was better for my memory than if I just did the same lesson 5 times in a row.

I also turned off the mic. Instead of waiting to be prompted, I said everything out loud each time. A friend of mine who is a signer said that they would sign instead of speaking. (If you are a beginning signer, do be careful for the health of your hands though!)


Great advice, thank you so much!!! :D

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