"Cui vrei să dai pantalonii?"

Translation:Whom do you want to give the pants to?

May 24, 2017

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"To whom do you wish to give the trousers?" is correct and also accepted.

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"Who do you want to give the pants to" may not be TECHNICALLY correct, but that is how probably 90+% of American English speakers would say it, and I think it should be accepted.


--------- absolutely. i think the % is much higher ! . . .

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No that's completely wrong!


I agree with odt5 and BigWayne19's posts so I have no idea what you are referring to as being "completely wrong", and most importantly why.

Here are some objective data to support what they say, in the form of "number of occurrences of the two constructions, as counted by the number of results in a Google query. That is probably the best metric you can get on what English speakers would say in practice.

  • "who do you want to give it to": 6,210,000 results
  • "whom do you want to give it to": 8 results
  • "to whom do you want to give it": 3 results

Sorry if you were replying to a different aspect of odt5's message, but your message is rather cryptic -- and, if I try to interpret it, objectively wrong.


Nu ar fi mai corect "Whom do you wish to give the trousers to"?


That sounds like older english though. It is correct semantically and gramatically.


------- obsolete grammar says that the "to " should be at the front: to whom . . .

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I was expecting the sentence Cui vrei să-i dai pantalonii? to be correct. I understand that the îi is redundant in this sentence, however I was under the impression that this redundancy was not a problem in Romanian (e.g. Îi dau băiatului).

Also, I actually get a fair number of valid-looking sentences when Googling cui vrei sa-i dai, so this is definitely something a Romanian might say. Is the difference the register of speech? Also note that I seem to get more results in Google with queries such as cui ii dai + something than with cui dai + something.

Or is the difference maybe the emphasis? I'm thinking about this because I think that pretty much the only case in which this kind of redundancy might occur in French is when you want to put some special emphasis: J'ui donne à lui ? (Mais non Roger, c't'un port'manteau ça...)


Nu trebuie să repetăm pronumele în întrebare? Adică: Cui îi vrei să dai pantalonii?

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