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What language program did you use before duolingo?

Plz answer question!

May 24, 2017



None, coz there weren't awesome programs like Duo at the time.

[deactivated user]


    I used Rosetta stone! excellent computer program.


    Nothing. When I started learning other languages, I started with Duo.


    I started with Memrise and Duolingo, but in my opinion Duolingo is much better. Memrise teaches mainly words or short phrases, Duolingo teaches the grammar


    I didn't really use any 'learning materials' to learn English. Most of what I know, I learned from exposure (movies, youtube, books, etc.).


    This is the first one (talking about applications and not actual lessons with teacher). I have tried Babel but it was not for free and I gave it up, since I was not able to pay the money (unfortunately they don't accept a month fee but you have to buy a series of lessons, like eg, 3months). I beleive Duolingo is the best thing around.


    I was on the old Livemocha website for a few years, till they changed to their new website, which is no more now. I got sick of their new website and found Duolingo.

    On the old Livemocha website, I originally wanted to improve my French, but ended up mainly only helping people with English. It was a great website. There was never any trouble with spam or trolls there.


    Just school aye bro


    High school, youtube Spanish learning videos, and nemo app on my cell phone.


    is school seriously a program for languages?!!!

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, of course.
      That is the regular way to learn foreign languages in my native country, The Netherlands.
      At school I have learned English (6 years), German (3 years) and French (4 years). Even in my school profile "Science", I had to learn them.

      [deactivated user]

        Yes, not a computer program, but a program.


        Yes, it's a different kind of learning. The teacher can hear if you are pronouncing the words correctly.


        By the way I mean like kahoot, language perfect and others like those!


        I started with Michel Thomas on CD´s and then Synergy Spanish , downloading monthly lessons , which I found very good. Michel Thomas is old hat now but Synergy is still up to date and has many free lessons.


        SpanishDict, LiveMocha (now defunct), Verbling, TellMeMore. Others that I don't remember now.


        I tried RosettaStone, but I'm not really into these whole bunch of pictures. I bought various books with audio CDs but without anyone seeing my progress or the possibility to ask questions I stopped. I still have a Modern Greek, Spanish and Arabic course book here, pretty much unused :D (maybe they will help me with the grammar or reading later on, if I ever decide to do them on Duolingo)


        I had previously used Rosetta Stone to try and learn French, but I found that it didn't work at all. It would just give you a picture and then you would have different sentence options. The problem with this is that it doesn't say which word actually means what in the picture. Rosetta Stone would probably be best to use after you finish a course on Duolingo and want to be able to describe or talk more fluently. Just my opinion :)


        yes, i tried Rosetta stone and i had the same problem!


        I just started Duolingo but I've been using Rosetta Stone and used to use livemocha.


        I've used Memrise and Duolingo together, still do. Prior to my use of Duo, I used some books I had found at Goodwill. I've been out of High School for 10 years.


        As "technological" programs, Rosetta Stone. Awful waste of time and money.


        I used Assimil and still do.

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