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Streaks broken?

Hey all.

I lost my streak overnight, even though I was pretty sure I had a streak freeze.

So I paid for the $2.99 streak repair because I figured I probably just made a mistake, and I figure paying once for a streak repair out of all my years is worth it to help keep Duolingo free, but then I got "An error has occurred."

Is this just me, or is everybody losing their streak? I was at over 500.

May 24, 2017



Some users have reported the same issue, while some others have reported having recovered their lost streaks even though they fairly lost them. Based on this, my conjecture is that Duolingo is making some kind of progressive maintenance of the streak or the time measuring algorithm to make some change in the near future, but of course that would be just my best guess on the issue.

In my case, I have noticed that since recently the "posted 59 minutes ago" bug has been fixed now showing the "real" estimate time of every new comment. It might have something to do, but who knows really.


The same thing happened to me last night - I'm sure I had a streak freeze, but I didn't even lose mine, Duolingo just seemed to decide that I had lost it. I was at something like 480+ days. So now it's showing me at 1 day even though it's simultaneously showing that I haven't forgotten to practice for the last week...

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