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"Rzeczywistość jest zupełnie inna."

Translation:The reality is entirely different.

May 24, 2017



Although "reality" is usually used without "the" - "He needs to face reality", here I think the article is necessary; we are talking about the specific reality of a specific situation. From Oxford Dictionaries:

"the reality is —

Used to assert that the truth of a matter is not what one would think or expect.

the popular view of the Dobermann is of an aggressive guard dog—the reality is very different



I agree, changed.


Is this related to the word "rzecz?"


I had though both 'reality' and 'rzecz/rzeczywitość' must come from Latin 'res' ('thing'), but Wiktionary says rzecz is actually based on Slavic rěčь (speech). 'Rzeczpospolita' is a calque from Latin 'respublica'.


It is, in some way.


'Is absolutely other'??


Sounds like bad English to me


Rzeczywistość może być co tylko ja chcę


How about: "The reality is absolutely different"?


"Absolutely different" is very unidiomatic, but since we aren't teaching English here, let's add it.


Hello! I've just checked and found a lot of examples of "absolutely different" in many sources, one of them even an article: https://www.lrb.co.uk/the-paper/v41/n21/michael-wood/an-absolutely-different-life Or you mean that "zupełnie inna" in Polish needs more idiomatic English translation?


It's obviously not wrong, but very rare compared to the other options. That's what I meant by unidiomatic.

Of course it's desirable that the English translations reflect the idiomacy of the Polish sentence, but rejecting answers on that basis also negatively impacts user experience.

The iweb corpus (link below) is a very powerful tool which helps measure idiomacy. Here are some selectively chosen results for the query:
is ADV different

is ___ different number of results (rounded) ratio compared to most common
very 26391 1 : 1
completely 9575 1 : 3
totally 4652 1 : 6
entirely 2375 1 : 11
absolutely 124 1 : 213

We've accepted the first four already. As you can see, there is a huge gap between them and your suggestion.



I see. Thank you for your explanation! I was a bit confused by your words "since we are not teaching English", so I thought that maybe "absolutely different" is just wrong. And thank you for the useful link!


How about, The reality is quite different.?


'Quite' is definitely not as strong as 'entirely'.

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