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To those of you that are learning a language that has no direct correlation to your life, why?

There are a lot of languages on Duolingo. Some of them don't exactly have a direct correlation to everyone's life when it comes to convenience and ancestry. But, many people still work to learn these languages. To those of you that are doing this, why are you doing it? What are your reasons?

Thank you for responding to my curiosity!

May 24, 2017



Each language is its own challenge. You also never know if a language you know will be useful to you in the future. And being able to read or listen in a language opens up new resources and media to you, which is great if you're curious like me. ;-)


Unrelated but how are you able to access the Hindi course early? Thanks


I'm a bookworm. I want to be able to read in Spanish, French and Japanese. Eventually I'll get serious about Portuguese and possibly some other languages like Russian and German. The only language that I "work" on daily is Spanish. I find words and ideas fun and compelling.

In the end, life is short, why not?


multilingual bookworms assemble! i love love love being able to read several languages. so much gets lost in translation, it never stops blowing my mind. i'm the slightest bit obsessed with reading my fav novels in all of my languages. so much fun.


I personally love the diversity of the world: the people, the tongues, the culture, etc. I learn these languages to embrace myself with the beauty of every single language that I can on this website, so that when I travel the world to explore and expand my horizons, I can understand the true beauty of languages for myself.

This is why I learn the languages that I do, even if I'm not born into them.


diez. ten. zehn. dez. dis. десять. 十


Which languages would that be then?
Surely you must use another account to do your learning and embracing, right?
(Your activity shows you've only used this one for scripting the last few days... ;-p)


This is so satisfying


Personally, I have a rather irrational obsession with the number 12... I can relate :)


For fun. (What could be more fun than learning random languages just because they exist?)


I began studying Italian because of an upcoming planned trip there. Though I had some French from high school and college, it was rusty, and I decided not to confuse myself trying to do two languages at the same time. Then I thought "why not?" and started reviewing French. While I occasionally mixed the languages up, I found it wasn't that hard to segregate them in my mind, and they actually supported one another. So I am no longer afraid to try to learn several at the same time and plan to expand. I find languages are a great way to keep the mind expanding and much more useful than mind games for mental acuity. Without the pressure of tests and grades and public humiliation by disapproving professors, learning languages is great fun!


I love the romance languages, I love how they sound, especially French. There is no real reason other than that, I have always wanted to learn French, I choose not to try and learn another language yet, as I might confuse them. Those like you rockerbox who have learned many languages, I have not the ability or the background for it. we spoke English at home. most of my ancestors are English speakers. so there you have your answer, to an interesting question.

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