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Lesson - Retry automatically

I think there is a timer at the end of any lesson, if you fail, and when the given time is elapsed, you automatically retry that exercise.

I try pretty often to ask for help or to give feedback, when I give a wrong reply, but then when I am in the middle of my researches, or writing a question on the discussion for the sentence, the lesson starts again and all I have written is lost.

I am wondering if this happens to me only.

I use Chrome, Windows 7. If you need some more technic details, please ask.

March 3, 2013



Just to clarify- you're in a timed bonus round after a lesson is completed? Ans you're encountering difficulty giving feedback in these timed rounds?


Normal practice. I never do timed practice, I cannot report anything, or check, and I have too many long sentences since I reached a pretty advanced part of the course, the timed practice is unbearable, I can reply two questions or three even being a fast typer.

I wasn't able to give feedback on the last lost question, because I was writing and "hop" after a couple of minutes or so in that page the lesson was automatically restarted by the system as if I clicked retry.


I had the issue once more today. I pressed enter, even if I were into a thread and writing a question, and the issue occurred. (Normal practice, no timed one.)

EDIT Bug occurred another time, always pressing enter while writing a comment in the thread. I have to admit this time I made it on purpose, I had no comments to make, I wanted to check if my theory was correct.

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