"Tutaenda kwa maana ya kusoma"

Translation:We will go because of studying

May 24, 2017



What's the difference between "kwa maana" and "kwa sababu"?

May 24, 2017


I do not see any difference!

September 28, 2017


Is "...in order to study" not valid here? "Kwa maana ya..." specifically means "because of"?

April 29, 2018


"We will go because of studying" is just the usual bad English grammar

July 6, 2018


Yes, what does this mean? Does it imply that having studied enabled us to go? Or is it that we are going because we wsnt to study? Or slmething else entirely?

November 26, 2018


We will go just because it has to do with studying.

January 30, 2019


Is everyone as confused as i am?

June 12, 2019


This is not idiomatic English. There are many ways of saying the intended meaning: "We will go in order to study"; "We will go so (that) we can study"; etc. Apparently "kwa maana ya" is used in Swahili in this way -- I probably would have said "kwa ajili ya kusoma" or "ili tupate kusoma" or something else because I don't feel comfortable with "kwa maana ya" -- not saying it is incorrect, just that is sounds strange to me.

June 16, 2019
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