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How do you get rid of a language you don't want to learn?!?

Ok, so my friend came over and I was showing her Duolingo, and she clicked on spanish when I was learning french. Now it's stuck on my profile and I want to get rid of it!!! How do I get rid of it?!

March 3, 2013



That's something that you can't do right now. I understand how you can easily click on a language that you might not want to learn. We'll work on making it possible to delete.


Thanks! My little bro added a bunch of languages 2 my account, and I don't want a bunch of reminders telling me to practice something I don't want 2 learn. :)


got the same problem ;) please let us know when the feature is available !


I have the same problem. Hope, it will be possible soon :)

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