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Decay problems

My skills are decaying faster than I can refresh them. Usually I try to get just 10 experience in, but other times I get around 50, depending on how much time I have. Of course I also occasionally miss a day and lose my streak(like yesterday), which causes a lot of decay. It's gotten to the point where for a month I haven't been able to learn anything new due to the constant decay. At this point I feel like I might as well just move on and ignore it.

May 24, 2017



Ignore it and move on is actually a good thing to do sometimes and it's something i tend to do. The strenghten lessons tend to be quite long and sometimes i just don't want to do them. Besides, i encourage you to do at least 60 experience points daily! It doesn't actually take quite much time a day and you can split it in different hours :D Also, if you are able to use duolingo in a smartphone, then use it. I use my parent's cellphones to do so, but if not, i do in my pc. Even so, i find way more comfortable to study in a cellphone. Good luck! Tschüss.


I agree. The rate of decay is for guidance not a slave master. If you don't think you need to strength the skill, ignore it.


Accept that you need to progress slowly, going over lessons you have already completed, and then it will begin to sink in.

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