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Strengthen Skills

I am 44 per cent fluent in Italian but Duolingo is making me do ten or twelve Strengthen Skills lessons every day just to keep all the icons yellow. So I cannot make any further progress unless I ignore the Strengthen Skills option. Help!

May 24, 2017



I only strengthen the skills that I think need strengthening.

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If you make less mistakes in the exercises, the skills will stay golden longer.


In my case it shows that I am 30% fluent in Italian. I completed the Italian tree and I am working on keeping it golden. As ally.x commented below your initial post, I've noticed when I go over any area that loses a bar (at 4/5), if I don't make any mistakes, or have only minor mistakes, with just one lesson it turns golden again; however, if I make several mistakes it takes at least two lessons to bring the category golden again. With my Spanish tree, I don't know what's happening. I have made several attempts to turn golden a category that it at 4/5 (last weak bar). Even when I have zero mistakes on my attempts, it just doesn't turn golden. So, when that happens I just move on to a different categories that need to be replenished. Happy learning!


I try to keep the skills up to half, it is impossible for me to make them all gold and keep them that way, what I do is go down the lessons each day top up four or so then do the new lesson I am trying to complete. that way I keep a little bit of progress without totally losing all previous progress. I am typing mine too, not using a mike so that makes it really difficult and slow, I believe. keep going.

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