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Today I reached level 25 in Spanish

Hoy alcancé nivel 25 en español!

May 24, 2017



Felicitaciones! That is quite an accomplishment! I recommend doing the reverse tree (English for Spanish speakers) now to further your learning on this site!


Good job! That takes quite a bit of dedication, especially since they removed the Immersion feature. Maybe start learning another language, and try to become fluent in it too? Or maybe just keep polishing up on Spanish? Keep learning! (I should really get back to Spanish soon, I've just been so distracted by all of these other languages for so long. I only have just less than 3 levels to go.)


"Maybe start learning another language, and try to become fluent in it too?"

How did you get from "Level 25" to "fluent"?


I'd think if anyone has the dedication to learn spanish every day for almost two years, he would probably use more resources besides DuoLingo. I'm using Rosetta Stone, a bunch of vocabulary recourses, abusing /int/ and sometimes stack exchange. I have a wicked pathetic crush on Ana from the Butterfly Spanish Youtube channel, which I continue to entertain because it fuels my Spanish intrigue. I watch videos and do research for every question I have until I understand. I chat with bots and sometimes an old highschool buddy who speaks spanish natively. I listen to music and watch movies in Spanish, especially Me enamoré by Shakira which I've listened to so many times I can sing most of it despite not understanding much.

If I'm not Fluent in 600 + days, I'll give up, I'd rather have spent that time learning how to draw or something more lucrative.

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Buen trabajo!


Congrats. That's amazing. How did you get around the strengthening? I am currently bogged down with the volume of strengthening and feel that I can not move forward. I liked aroboticist's comment about doing the reverse tree :) Have fun with whatever you decide to do next.


i practice strengthening exercises every day. my tree was golden when i had about 5000 xp, don't remember the level, but i knew that i was only 1/6 of the duo journey. there are times that i'm frustrated or bored, but i do it every day. and yes, my skills do continue to improve. i think i'm in level 23. i'm still pushing for 25. i know that even then my fluency will not be where i'd like it to be. but then i will move on to other resources. i may do english from spanish on duo, but there are other resources to try as well.


Knowing that you experience frustration too and are working through it has inspired me to continue. Thanks. I'm off to get golden :)


Enhorabuena! No dejes practicar!


[deactivated user]

    Congratulations! I applaud your dedication!


    Congratulations! How has Duolingo helped you meet your language goals?




    Felicidades por el trabajo bien hecho.


    que bueno! que tal la experiencia de aprendizaje?


    Congratulations. It is fun but hard work sometimes. Enjoy!


    Well done.Exceptional.


    Woo!! :) How fluent do you feel like you are in Spanish?


    wow. huge accomplishment. how much time did you put in to get to that level, dataporter?


    Felicitaciones! sigue así!


    muy bien, felizadades!


    asombroso! que buen trabajo! yo trabajo tambien cada dia por ese gol. sorry no spanish characters on this keyboard.


    Eso es genial!!, me gustaría alcanzar el nivel 25 también, pero de ingles.


    Congratulations! :D


    How long has it taken to achieve that, and how long do you do every day?


    Muchas felicidades sigue aprendiendo :D


    Thanks for all the complements and congratulations. I do at least 3 lessons or 30 points per day. I had a 60 day streak before the present streak, so I've been doing it almost 2 years. As others have commented below, that hardly makes you fluent. Duolingo says I'm 45% fluent and I think that is close to the truth. I have done the Pimsleur Approach twice and a bunch of other various other things. I really need to force myself to speak more in Spanish. Mucha gente cerca de aqui habla español. If I had a truly practical application for it, I think I would progress rapidly towards fluency. I may indeed do the English for Spanish speakers tree. I'm going to keep plugging away. Take care and keep learning!

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