Does anyone listen to music while they Duolingo? Do you have any suggestions for good soundtracks?

March 3, 2013


Because I learn Spanish I listen to Manu Chao who sings in Spanish, in French and sometimes in English. A few songs of Manu Chao in Spanish : Me gustas tu ; Welcome to Tijuana ; Clandestino In French : Je ne t'aime plus In English : Bongo Bong

I stream Spanish language radio, La Mera Buena, 107.5 FM. It is a Minnesota station, and the Spanish is Mexican. Sometimes I listen to Spanish language mixes on Pandora.

I have also downloaded YouTube videos of my favorite songs (ABBA, Roxette, Queen, Meat Loaf, etc.) either in Spanish or English with Spanish subtitles. Search with "subtitulado espanol" and you'll find many videos.

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