"Vuole degli occhiali rossi."

Translation:She wants some red glasses.

March 3, 2013

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When did 'degli' become 'some'?


conjunction of "di" (of) and "gli" (the). It's always used for nouns that have the article "gli"!


While you are correct, what you are speaking of is when 'di' is used as a prepositional article. Here I believe 'di' is used as a partitive article. See this link:



why doesn't DL ever use the formal you and even marks it wrong. What do native Italians do? Can you use the informal you with anyone?


if DL doesn't accept "formal tu", you can report

Formal "tu" (Lei) is used if you are talking with an unknown person older than you.

EDIT @Bar292933
"Lei" is used as formal "tu" for both genders


must that old person be a female or could it be also a male one, in case "Lei" is used?


Lei (with capital L) is the "tu" form for both he and she. "lei" is she.

  • io = I
  • tu = you (informal for both male/female)
  • Lei = you (formal for both male/female) lui = he lei = she Etc..


Why are we using "some" here? There is no use of "some" actually,we can simply say glasses but not "some glasses".It sounds odd here.


"degli"(some), here, is a partitive article
it can mean "one(1) or more glasses"

(1) usually asking for a pair of glasses is more correct to say "vorrei un paio di occhiali" (but "degli" is grammatically correct too)


red eyeglasses is marked wrong. I reported it.


Who does he think he is Elton John?


Why can't this also be "You want some red glasses"?


You're right. It can be the formal "you". I reported it, and told them it will confuse people later on if they say it's wrong. I don't know if they'll fix it or not, though. Hope so. I think it's strange that they don't teach the formal you from the beginning. Do they want us all to seem rude and overly familiar when talking to people?


Formal you is rarely ever used outside of its own topic.


This is a weird translation. "Some" red glasses?


I don't think this phrase would be much used in American English. We would typically say "He wants THE red eyeglasses", not "SOME".


I also thought vuole was you because i remember a native speaker asking (me) Che cosa vuole fare? Lol i didn't notice that DL never uses the formal. Di they use it in Rome? That's where I'm going. Is this program going to make me sound disrespectful when i try speaking Italian there?


And still, noone has yet wondered what that phrase could possibly mean in terms of sense? And why DL make so funny phrases from time to time?


Why is he nor she????


She wants some red specs is marked as wrong even though the drop down hint for 'occhiali' mentions 'specs'

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