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Japanese forum available!

Hi everyone! We added a Japanese forum to keep things organized (note that this does not imply a change in schedule for the courses, the previously announced schedule is still on track, meaning you can expect Android next, in a few weeks).

Anyway, as for the new forum—now it will be easier to share Japanese-specific resources and get all that feedback to reach the contributors! We'll slowly move existing posts there, but from now on, please post Japanese-related discussions here. Subscribe to that forum if you are interested!

Cheers and see you there!

PS: I am also an Android user and created a Hiragana flashcard deck to practice while I waited! It is a silly illustrated hiragana sound mnemonics deck that I made for my own personal use (I'm a visual learner), but I am happy to share it with you all. I use the "card" preview function to learn it, because the regular "lessons" tab kind of give away the answers. If you make one that works well for you, please share too!

May 25, 2017



Thank you Vivisaurus! Even though I can't access the Japanese lessons, it will be great to read up on what people think about the lessons and the language in general.


As a minor heads up, if you are using the interface of anything other than English, you will need to switch into a course taught from English to subscribe. I couldn't do it while I was in the Catalan for Spanish speakers course.


Thanks for sharing, that is very helpful


I'm not grumbling or anything, I've been waiting for the Japanese course to come out for ages, a few weeks more isn't going to kill me, but I have to say it:

The aim of Duolingo is to give language education to everyone, free at the point of access, rich or poor ...


it really is interesting how every new development you guys come out with leads with Apple, a designer product that you essentially have to be swimming in money with in order to enjoy.

But you know, the rest of us are happy to watch everyone else eat while we wait our turn :)

(ヘ ◉Д◉)ヘ ┳━┳







Hi! I understand your frustration; as mentioned above I am also an Android user, and many of us at Duolingo are. Android has a huge family of devices and the development of it takes a little longer (we also test it on as many Android OS, as many people have devices that run older versions of Android). And we are looking for even more Android developers to help speed up these releases. But we did not want to hold back the release for iOS that was ready just because Android still needed adjustments... It is really not some sort of plan to deliberately only give things to iOS users first—the releases in general depend on which engineers were available for which projects at that time. Our team is smaller than people seem to think, and we all work really hard to try to make everything available to everyone as soon as it makes sense (it is in our interest to have our hard work reach as many people as possible!)

For what it's worth, I'm alpha testing the Japanese Android version and it is looking good! And I am feeling more and more prepared practicing on Tinycards, because Japanese sure has a lot of scripts that we'll need to memorize, so I think this preparation is going to make the course (coming out in the coming weeks for our OS) an even better experience. That said, I do like your tableflipper. =]


Thanks for the answer, and sorry if I came across grumpy. I do genuinely understand why it is easier to develop for Apple and I know you guys are a small team, so I should shut up. It just happened that I was really exited about the surprise release date for the course, I knew in my gut that you guys were working on it in secret, I've been doing Anki flashcards every single day for months in anticipation, and I thought the day had finally come.... but no, denied at the last minute :'(

I've been at a loss of how to teach myself Japanese ever since Iknow went premium years ago. I got exited about WaniKani and tried that out but it was driving me nuts that I couldn't choose my own pace. Anki is good, but it is sometimes hard to honestly test yourself. Changing my interface language to Japanese is too much too soon because of Kanji, which is one of my normal routines out the window.

I know it sounds sycophantic, but Duolingo is the only app that works for me... I don't know how you guys have done it, so please ignore my ungrateful tone above and let me say thank you very much for all your hard work!!


Thanks chilvence, and I hope you are enjoying the new Japanese course! =]


Thankyou, I am really enjoying it, although I was surprised how quickly I managed to get halfway through it, maybe I already knew more than I realised!


What if they did release an Android version as soon as they released an iOS version?

How many Android users would be able to use the app well? How many would still have problems because Duolingo didn't take the extra time to test the app on their versions of Android too?

From what I've heard, it takes a lot longer to test an Android app than test an iOS app if it's supposed to work for all Android users, simply because there are so many more different versions of Android than there are different versions of iOS.


Sorry, I don't deal much in 'what I've heard'. My android phone seems to run Duolingo fine even though I bought it from a Chinese store and it was aimed at the Indian market. I had to clean all the crapware off it, but I sure as hell haven't had any problems running any apps. The idea of 'fragmentation' is a red herring, it is in the companies best interest to make 'their version' of android play well with others, or you can bet their customers will have something to say about it.

What you need to understand is that is a pretty desperate defence tactic on the part of Apple to cast doubt on its only competitor. They've sold you on the line ' the other guys don't have their act together', when in reality they are just uncomfortable about the fact that they can offer an almost identical product at a price mere mortals can actually afford.

That's the problem with being a design company, once you have let your design out into the wild, you have to accept that it doesn't belong to you any more, because ideas are inherently contagious.


It's in the interest of the software company to make sure at least one version of its operating system plays well with each version of the hardware it's on. :)

Your operating system plays well with your phone. How many other phones do you need your own copy of your operating system need to play well with? ;)

Then there's the next level of software: apps to run on operating systems to run on hardware.

Anyway, I actually think Duolingo should release a later update (maybe even its next one!) for both iOS and Android at the same time...as soon as it's done with the iOS testing instead of holding back the iOS version until it's done with all the Android testing too.

Then we can actually test this hypothesis: see what happens and see how many (if any) Android users complain that it doesn't work well enough on their versions of Android on their different phones. :)


Thank you for this information. I have updated my Discussion List accordingly for anyone looking for a certain forum.


Great, thank you =]


Thank you so much vivisaurus! Now I can find out how to learn Japanese by others who are fluent in this ancient language!


It was "1-2 weeks" in the AMA, now it's "a few weeks"? A lot of frustration could have been avoided if there was better communication up front, and honestly I'm not feeling too much better about when iOS got a date committed to but we can't.


Apologies for the word choice—the schedule has not changed.


Thank you for clarifying! I regretfully have already written many more words complaining. Apologies in advance if you haven't seen them yet. :x

edit: had, anyway. other post is now redundant and gone!


Hello im a new member . I like it Doulingo beacause its help me to learn English . :)

For what it's worth, I'm alpha testing the Japanese Android version and it is looking good! And I am feeling more and more prepared practicing on Tinycards, because Japanese sure has a lot of scripts that we'll need to memorize, so I think this preparation is going to make the course (coming out in the coming weeks for our OS) an even better experience. That said, I do like your tableflipper. =]


Thanks for the forum topic! BTW I made a video about the Japanese app update (Android version). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jax3yAWJLsQ


Hi. Just starting the japanses lessons. I want the japanese script to be written in english ie romaji. how do i change this on the settings?


Using romaji will honestly only slow down your progress. I really recommend sticking with the kana, it's better in the long-run.

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