"Kilemba cha babu"

Translation:Grandfather's turban

May 25, 2017

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    I think grandpa should work


    Surely 'Grandad's' is OK?


    Why is 'a turban' correct in another excercise and 'a turban' wrong in this sentence?


    Depends how you wrote the sentence. Grandfather's turban, it would definitely be wrong to include the indefinite article. A turban of grandfather's is a poor construction, but might be correct.

    Remember, a and the don't exist in Swahili, so whether to add them or not depends on context. As the course is still under construction, there will also be times where you might choose to either use or omit the article and be marked wrong even though your answer is correct. In those instances, report it.


    I said my grandfathers turban and it didnt accept the 'my'


    nothing in the sentence indicates that the grandfather in question is the speaker's


    'the turban of grandfather' is marked wrong :-(

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