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Help with choosing the correct word for any given context.

So as we all know in both Englisch und Deutsch there are many words that either mean the same or close to the same as eachother, but are chosen based on the context (ex: damp, moist, soggy, etc..). Look up any adjective/noun/verb on either LEO or Dict.cc and there will be at least five different words to choose from.

My issue is picking the right word to use. For example the english word "waiting game". LEO (since I have the app) told me it was Verzögerungstaktik.I wrote my Satz that I would put on Twitter and ran it by my soulmate (who is native German speaker) & she replaced the word w/Hinhaltespiel. Asked her why since LEO gave it as the only noun translation. She said it did not fit well in the Satz, and that the machine doesn't know about context like a native speaker does (true).

As a non native speaker, is there anyway I can look up words and see examples of them used in context? Or must I always play Russian Roulette in hopes of choosing the right word?

May 25, 2017



linguee.de searches for examples too:


"Geduldspiel" may have been the word you have been looking for, "Hinhaltespiel" is actually not existing.


Though linguee also includes sentences that are not perfect English or perfect German -- for example, I've seen sentences which sound like "translationese" to me, i.e. where someone copied the original language a bit too much rather than creating a sentence that would seem natural in the target language.


Unfortunately that's true, but at least you have something to go on.


So short Answer is nein And long Answer is vielleicht?


Sorry, I don't get that...

To summarize: Linguee works fine as a dictionary and has the additional benefit of searching the web for examples. But as they are indeed just results from a web search, there is no guarantee that the translation in an example is correct. So you have to be careful and not just check one example.


you are right, but please write Geduldsspiel.

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