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  5. "Tôi uống nước ép chanh."

"Tôi uống nước ép chanh."

Translation:I drink lemonade.

May 25, 2017



Nuoc chanh is limeade not lemonade and not lemon juice. A lemon is either chanh tay or chanh vang. Hopefully they will fix this.


So, in a previous sentence, "nước chanh" translated to "lemon juice", and in this one "nước ép chanh" is "lemonade". Does the word "ép" turn lemon JUICE into lemonADE?


Ah ah ah... it looks like it is so ;-) More seriously: ép means pressed, so I don't know how exactly lemonade and fresh pressed lemon juice came together... Here is the accepted answer lemon juice but I have no clue if lemonade would fit as well


I tried and both translations were accepted. I agree with you: lemonade and pressed lemon juice are definitely not synonymous


Nước chanh is water with lime juice, usually sweetened.


In English we call that limeade.

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