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Why aren't we still in beta?

Has DuoLingo even assessed the quality of the translated pages... I support DuoLingo 100 percent, but I think that they must really suck.. Can we please have a chance to see what we have done so far on the context of the original webpage?

June 24, 2012



There are 2 things I can think of offhand which might help...

1) Have a more detailed feedback option (say a (+) button) which has tickboxes for common issues such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, idioms/slang, overall meaning, nuances; plus a text box for details. Possibly worth an extra point or two.

2) Use a 'karma' style system - look for good translators, consistent voters, etc. rate these more highly, rinse and repeat. 3 upvotes from button mashers may well mean less than a downvote from a careful editor.


It might be instructive to make up an article full of false friends (linguistic traps) and submit it to DuoLingo's free translation service to see what sort of garbage emerges.


I have wondered about that, too. People's translations seem to be greatly influenced by the DuoBot and are jilted translations that just don't flow well. I wonder if getting a % score is part of that influence, too. If a low % match is received, I have, at times, changed my answer to be better aligned with others, but those other answers may not be right after all. And some answers that achieve high ratings can be soooooo far off the mark its a little scary. I guess the proof will be in the repeat business DuoLingo gets for translating. It would be good to know though, how we are collectively going.


@Dieter_Drawe Same, I was actually inspired to learn a language through viewing the TED Talk, and what caught my interest was actually exactly what you just said... It pertains to machine learning, and that draws interest from a tech geek like me..


A couple of things might be useful:

  1. The sidebar has mostly shown "Number of sentences translated". Yesterday it showed "Karma Points". A more useful measure (and one that I don't have the numbers to derive for myself, but duolingo must) is, "Of the sentences I have translated, how many have been rated 'Very Good'" and perhaps how many have been rated 'mediocre'. For example: You have translated 400 sentences, of which 250 have been assessed by other members of the duolingo community, 180 were rated Very Good and 70 were rated Mediocre.

  2. A related idea, might be to hold points in 'escrow'. On more than one occasion I have translated a sentence, to be told that I'm "the first one, but my answer looks wrong", only to see the duobot translation is complete gibberish. When enough translations are gathered to outvote duobot, then my translation should be rated higher and I should receive those points.


I notice that you write most frequently in German (or, pardon the Google Translate, but I am not learning German) Ich merke, dass Sie am häufigsten auf Deutsch schreiben... I can't understand anything you are saying completely from the crappy translations, but I get the jist..

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