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Anybody know good websites for people who finished their trees?

I finished both of my Spanish and French trees about 3 months ago and I'm kind of getting bored just redoing skills I already know. Do you guys know good websites for intermediate learners? Just anything to improve reading, listening, etc.

May 25, 2017



Alongside Duo I use memrise to master vocab. I use clozemaster to get a sense of sentence structure. Finally, Youtube is my next most accessed resource (look for channels from major media companies, especially children's shows).


I second this one. Children's TV on Youtube is an excellent resource for any language! It helps that one of the first words you learn in most languages on here is child. They're great to listen to from the start as many of them, especially for the very young, tend to speak more slowly than adult TV shows.



it maybe a useful website for you to practice reading and listening beside each other !


I like Readlang.com

There's also a site called LingQ.com but it's not entirely free


I'm really liking Readlang :)


I like Yabla. (It does have a subscription fee.) It takes content from TV (and other sources) in various languages, breaks it into 2-4 minute chunks, provides subtitles in both the original language and English, let's you pause, replay, skip ahead. Some content is basic, some at native speaker level.


I recommend moving on to authentic language that's directed to native speakers: Movies, podcasts, tv, music, news, etc.


the HelloTalk app


In my spanish class we usually watch El internado, which is just in English or in Spanish. It's not too difficult to understand for someone who's not a beginner and it's also really interesting because there are a lot of mysteries about the boarding school and its teachers and students which are only revealed very slowly. There has to be a trailer on YouTube somewhere.


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