Japanese tree finished! 英語から日本語のスキルツリーを終わりました

Yesterday I finished the Japanese from English course tree, and though I know I'm definitely not the first to finish it, I'm still glad that I did. This would be my 4th finished tree (along with Italian, French, and English for Japanese speakers)

I tested out of 23 skills in the placement test and then went through the skills from then, and finished it with my entire tree golden.

I liked the layout and I sort of liked the way that the vocabulary was taught (though there were some words that were used that I feel wouldn't be as good as others), but overall the course was decently made considering how little we really had to wait.

There are obviously some bugs that I'm sure will get figured out and fixed by the time it's out of beta, but the course was a good refresher for me and I'm sure it will help the many beginners in this language.

Thank you to the Japanese team for making the course that thousands of people have been waiting for, and I'm excited to see what's in store for the future of this course.

May 25, 2017



May 25, 2017

ツリーは素晴らしかったです ( ´∀` )

May 26, 2017

Wow! just wow! It would be cool to know who was first to finish the Japanese tree though. There should be a press release.

May 27, 2017

’Japanese tree finished’


おめでとう ございます!

June 3, 2017

Good Job! /(~ ^ v ^~)/

June 26, 2017


June 1, 2017


June 1, 2017


July 7, 2017


July 10, 2017
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