"Mężczyzna wygrał nowy samochód."

Translation:The man won a new car.

May 25, 2017



Why is "The man gained a new car" wrong? Is not "gained" a synonimous of "won" ?

I suppose that "won" adapts better to immaterial things (eg, a prize), and "gained" adapts better to material things (eg, a car). I am wrong?

May 25, 2017


No, I do not think that 'gain' is a synonym of 'win'.

Let's take the Europa League final from yesterday: the players of Manchester United won the cup. The players of Ajax Amsterdam... well, they gained experience.

May 25, 2017


Yes, you are right. This is from dictionary.com:

verb (used with object)

to get (something desired), especially as aresult of one's efforts: to gain possessionof an object; to gain permission to enter acountry.

to acquire as an increase or addition: togain weight; to gain speed.

to obtain as a profit: He gained ten dollarsby this deal.

to win; get in competition: to gain the prize

September 11, 2018
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