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March 3, 2013



Could this also be translated as "wardrobe" (not as in "closet" but as in "she has a nice wardrobe" (collection of clothing)? If not, how would you say this in italian?


is garment a right translation for "abbigliamento"?


I wrote that in, too. In English, "clothing" functions as a singular (her clothing IS nice), however, it means more than 1 article of clothing. I'm only a student of Italian, however IF "abbligiamento" is singular (is it?), you would have to translate it into either "article of clothing" or "garment" in English.


"Abbigliamento" is usually the style of clothing that you use. "Abbigliamento casual" "Abbigliamento sportivo".

We use the word in another case: "capo di abbligliamento", piece of clothes.

I have personally problems to understand the differences between clothes, clothing, wardrobe and similar in English, sorry! :D

I hope my explanation is clear enough.


Grazie, Marziotta. I'm still a bit confused. "Wardrobe" means all of the clothing that you own or the clothing you own for a particular season. For example, "I bought myself a new Spring wardrobe". Do you think the word "abbigliamento" would work for this? Are you a native Italian speaker?


Yes, I am still a native speaker... (You asked me in another discussion I think, but it could have been somebody else, tonight I replied to many questions.)

Wardrobe = guardaroba, as far as I know.

Abbigliamento would be clothing, wear, but in a very specific nuance.

Here you can find something more detailed... http://www.wordreference.com/iten/abbigliamento

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