"Soup without bread"

Translation:Суп без хліба

May 25, 2017

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Why is “хліба“ and not “хліву“ as the other masc genitives?


Thanks! But is there a rule for the words using a and the ones using u?


There is no a general strict rule, but as the page I referenced in my previous post says: "Whilst most masculine nouns in the genitive end in а or я, there are certain categories of nouns (e.g. abstract concepts, weights and measures, mass nous, locations and institutions, emotions and states of mind, natural phenomena etc.) which mostly have an ending in у or ю, e.g. університет – університету, дощ – дощу, ідеал – ідеалу etc.

In some nouns a change in genitive ending also denotes a change of meaning, e.g. рака – (of a) lobster, раку – (of) cancer, соняшника – (of) sunflower, соняшнику – (of) sunflower seed. You need to be aware of this point, but it is not covered in detail in this course."


you´re a pro. Thanks!!

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